Louisville, Kentucky

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Tiffany Drouin


My experience in video production began in 2013 when, for several years, I helped some friends on various short film sets. At the time I was just having some fun while helping friends, but it was actually preparing me for the future (as many unthought-of things in life do). Photography has always been a passion of mine, but I didn't ever think of branching into video as anything more than an occasional side hobby. In 2016 I met Chris and his desire for video got me increasingly interested in becoming more involved with video production. I enjoy using my photography knowledge to help do videography with Winning Tortoise Productions and am excited to learn more about the craft of creating professional videos.

Chris Drouin

Video Marketing Consultant

My journey in video production started when I was in elementary and part of the A/V club after school. We made many fun videos, including the weekly school news. Unbeknownst to me, this fun after school activity would start me on the path I am today. College is when video production started to play a increasingly important role after landing a job in the communications department. It reunited me with my old friend, video magic. I was eager to reacquaint myself with the wonders of video and even worked a summer as an assistant editor for a local TV station. The majority of my notable work has been through Orange Leaf Media, but I ventured a little in other contract work. Starting Winning Tortoise Productions is the next step in my journey to fully embrace my life's passion and step into the entrepreneurial shoes my grandfather left to fill.